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Little Journey is a patient experience and engagement tool designed to improve physical and mental outcomes.

  • Customisable to your organisation
  • Tailored to patient preferences
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Engaging and interactive content
  • Procedure and hospital information accessible for patients anytime, anywhere.

Little Journey

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Little Journey has a wide range of features designed to benefit everyone from children to healthcare organisations.

For Patients

Your hospital journey in a map

Let our age-tailored tour guides help you explore the areas of the hospital you will visit on your day of surgery. You can take the virtual reality tour on your smartphone or using a virtual reality headset.

For Families

Supporting families throughout their journey

Easily digestible information from your hospital on the go. Our bite size information articles for parents and carers are delivered to your smartphone before and after the hospital visits.

For Hospitals

Using data to improve care and outcomes

Monitor how families at your hospital are using the Little Journey app. Review patient reported outcomes to continually improve the care you provide.


Little Journey was created by an expert team of Healthcare professionals, medical researchers, designers, developers, and animators with the goal of improving how health information is provided to families. With a variety of features for different users, Little Journey delivers a wide range of benefits.

Better patient experience

Through tailored preparation for the whole family, Little Journey helps to reduce children's and families anxiety levels and engage them with their care.

Improved patient outcomes

Through enhanced psychological preparation and support, Little Journey improves short and long term physical and mental outcomes. From faster recovery to reduced numbers of days of school missed, Little Journey helps kids get back to being kids.

Lower cost of healthcare

Through modification of children's and their parent's behaviours, Little Journey reduces on-the-day cancellations, the need for anxiolytic premedication, rescue analgesia and unplanned admissions to hospital - all lowering the cost of the care delivered.

Better care co-ordination

Little Journey improves patient flow and staff utilisation through enhanced patient compliance and understanding, leading to a 30% faster recovery time.

Improved population health

The preparation of the whole family unit and positive healthcare experiences promote the development of improved health behaviours in children to ultimately lower the health economic burden of illness later in life.

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Amazing app, helped to show my daughter what she would experience, took a little of the anxiety away. Very easy to use and very informative.

- iOS user

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