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Virtual Reality in Healthcare: Toy or Tool?

The quality and usability of Virtual reality (VR) has been propelled forward, driven by the gaming industry. It’s commonly available on most smartphone devices and the creation of low-cost cardboard headsets mean it is now affordable to everyone. But in...

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Little Journey App saves each NHS hospital £120,000

An independent study commissioned by Eastern Academic Health Science Network highlights benefits of Little Journey app to patients and hospitals. At Little Journey we’ve always focused on how we can improve the healthcare experiences of children and their...

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Little Journey Successfully Supports Children With Autism

New research from Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children has shown how Little Journey benefits children with Autism undergoing dental surgery. Coming to hospital to have an operation is a daunting experience for anyone but it can be even harder for...

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Our Story

Every year, 600,000 children undergo day-case procedures in NHS operating theatres – and up to 75 percent show signs of fear and significant anxiety. Dr Chris Evans, an anaesthetist, witnessed the impact of children feeling anxious about having surgery and...

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